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Not happy with your bushy, patchy or unruly eyebrows? Well, you don’t have to hire a makeup expert to get them in shape. Everything you need to define, shape, and keep your eyebrows in place is packed in one elegant package known as Wunderbrow.


Wunderbrow is a one-step solution for achieving the perfect eyebrows in less than 2 minutes. This gel formula is made up of a combination of hair like fibers that are combined with some specially treated pigments that are perfectly designed to strongly fasten onto the hair fibers and skin on the brows. Next, this superior eyebrow gel is infused into a premium Permafix Gel which creates a flexible gel, locking the fibers and natural color onto your brows. The result is perfectly defined, shaped, fuller, and natural looking eyebrows that will remain intact for days, until you decide to wash them off.

Throw away the traditional eye pencils, powder, and pomades because you no longer need them as long as you’ve got this perfect eyebrow gel.

Wunderbrow Benefits- What Makes it a Unique Eyebrow Gel?

Well, based on the many positive reviews the gel has received from happy customers, without a doubt, there are a lot of good things to say about it. The product has completely revolutionized the way women shape and color their eyebrows. It has made it possible for them to spend less amount of time trying to get their brows in shape, thanks to the one-step application that only takes 2 minutes.

Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of this awesome eyebrow gel.

• One-Step Application

There are several reasons why traditional eyebrow fillers and shapes are annoying and ineffective. One, they are extremely hard to apply. You might spend a lot of time rubbing off, reapplying, and applying again. The other reason is that they look completely fake and can come off before you even step out the door. The other reason is that they have some very complicated application steps.

Wunderbrow makes it easier for you to shape, define, and fill your eyebrows in just one simple step. You just have to dip the applicator brush into the gel, apply, and then shape the eyebrows as desired. It couldn’t get better than this!

• Wunderbrow is Long-Lasting

One thing that most women love about Wunderbrow is that it stays intact for days, thanks to its Ultra Long-Wear Permafix Gel Technology. You don’t have to apply the gel every single day. It’s even completely waterproof such that even if you bath or shower, it won’t come off.

It not only saves you time and the hassles of applying every day, but it also gives you peace of mind that your eyebrows won’t get messy or smudgy throughout the day.

• Wunderbrow Gives a Natural Look

Most eyebrow gels on the market are made up of ingredients that make them look so unnatural when applied. If you want to achieve a simple natural look, try Wunderbrow.

This gel formula is made up of real hair fibers and color pigments to give you a natural look. The gel covers gaps and fills out even the thinnest brows and still retains their natural look.

• Wunderbrow is Transfer-Proof and Budge-Proof

Imagine wearing a white blouse only for it to get stained by your eyebrow filler makeup. Frustrating, right? Well, with Wunderbrow, you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes because it’s completely transfer and budge-proof.

• Wunderbrow is Water-Proof

Most eyebrow filler products are only effective when they are dry. Once they get into contact with water, they get easily washed off. This means that you have to avoid rain and swimming.

Thanks to this super strong and waterproof eyebrow gel, you can freely walk or dance in the rain, or even swim.

• Wunderbrow Comes in a Variety of Colors

In addition to giving you shapelier and fuller brows, Wunderbrow comes in multiple shades. You can pick a shade that you feel works best for you.

The range of colors includes.

• Black/Brown

• Brunette

• Blonde

• Auburn

This perfect combination of hair-fibers and specially treated color pigments all in one tube gives you the most elegant eyebrows while enhancing your overall facial appearance.

• Wunderbrow is Easy to Apply

Unlike other eyebrow products that require a variety of tools to apply, Wunderbrow lets you do your eyebrows in one simple step, which only involves an applicator and a gel.

Wunderbrow gives you the convenience of getting the perfect eyebrows right at home in just one simple step. It’s a 5-star product that you should definitely include in your shopping cart.

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